• Battlefields
  • Zulu Culture
  • Wildlife/Birding/Nature
  • National Guide – Registered to guide throughout South Africa
  • Provincial Guide – Registered to guide in KwaZulu-Natal
  • Site Guide – Registered to guide on specific sites only
  • Special Focus – Special field if interest and speciality. Not all guides offer tours to all battlefields.

Coleman, Anthony

Anthony Coleman

  • Voortrekker, Zulu History, Anglo Zulu War, First and Second Anglo Boer War

Anthony Coleman was awarded the KwaZulu Natal Service Excellence Award – Best Tourist Guide of the Year, 2008-2009. He has led many general and specialist tours within KwaZulu Natal and South Africa and has established a reputation as a professional and accomplished Guide/lecturer with an easy going but informative manner. Anthony is also an accredited Trainer and assessor for Tourist Guides and is a qualified National Guide. He has consistently been complemented as being passionate knowledgeable and fair in his narration of the incredible events that have made our history the most remarkable in the world. TKZN 2008-2009.


Tel:+27(0)34 212 3401 / +27(0)72 204 2986



Durham, Elisabeth

Elisabeth Durham

  • Isandlwana, Rorkes Drift, Prince Imperial, Blood River

Elisabeth Durham was born in France and regularly conducts tours in both English and French. She is also available as a translator for French speaking groups. She conducts tours to Isandlwana, Rorke’s Drift, Talana, the site where Louis Napoleon, Prince Imperial of France was killed.


Tel:+27(0)34 212 1014 / +27(0)72 779 5949


Duval, Pierre

Pierre Duval

  • Anglo Zulu War Battles, Second Anglo Boer War

Pierre Duval has an unbelievable love for South Africa. Since a child he has grabbed every opportunity to explore the countryside. While specializing in nature, Pierre has an excellent knowledge of the country’s historical and cultural side. He is one of the few tour guides that are accredited on a national level, allowing him to tour the whole country. He has been guiding full time since 1998, and is the owner of BushBaby Safaris.


Tel:+27(0)34 212 3216 / +27(0)82 466 8350



Garner, Paul

Paul Garner

  • Anglo Zulu War Battles

Paul Garner is a guide with over 20 years experience leading tours in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana, including expiditions in search of the Lost City of the Kalahari. These tours go under the unlikely names of The Lost Trails of Zululand and The Sounds of Beethoven in the Bush. He has an abiding passion for Africa, its history, fauna and flora, with a special interest in Birding, Battlefields and Rock Art. He is an Honorary officer of KZN Wildlife, an active member of The Wildlife and Environmental Society, The Endangered Wildlife Trust, Birdlife South Africa and the South African Archaeological Society. He is also a lay minister in his local church.


Tel:+27(0)34 212 1931 / +27(0)82 472 3912


Hamman, Johann

Johann Hamman

  • Voortrekker, Zulu History, Anglo Zulu War, First and Second Anglo Boer War

Johann Hamman is a KZN Provincial Guide who has a BA degree in Military History, as well as two Masters degrees in Law and Political Science. He has guided people from around the world to several Anglo Zulu War and Boer War battlefields in Kwazulu-Natal and the Free State, and passionately believes that a people who denies its history, does not deserve its future. He has four ancestors who fought in the battle of Blood River and one who fought on Spioenkop. He is a former Namibian police officer, born in Windhoek, Namibia, and he travelled extensively in Europe, and jointly operates with his wife Michele out of his B&B called History’s Walk, in Dundee.


Tel:+27(0)82 267 2527


Leveridge, Norman

Norman Leveridge

  • Talana Battle

Norman Leveridge works at Talana museum as a part time research assistant and archivist. He has always been interested in the history of the area as he lives on a historic farm and has a passion about military uniforms and the blockhouses of the Anglo Boer War.

Working with documents in the archives has given him unique access to local and detailed information about the battlefield sites.

He is also a registered nature guide.


Tel:081 809 7243

Masuku, Bornwell

Bornwell Masuku

  • Talana Battle

Bornwell Masuku is the collections manager and education officer at Talana Museum. He has shown considerable interest in the museum collections and in explaining them, particularly to school groups.

He has a deep interest in Zulu cultural history, the battlefields and coal mining.


Tel: 073 385 7382

McFadden, Pam

Pam McFadden

  • Voortrekker, Zulu History, Anglo Zulu War, First and Second Anglo Boer War

Pam McFadden, a graduate of the University of Natal and University of South Africa, has done considerable field research into the military conflicts fought in KwaZulu Natal and has regularly conducted tours around these sites for over 40 years. She has had 4 books published on the battles of the area. As Curator of the Talana Museum since 1983 she has been responsible for the development of the museum and battlefield which is acknowledged as being one of the finest in South Africa. She is an Honorary Life Member of the Battlefields Guides Association in recognition of all the years of guiding, training and promotion she has done for the area and professional tour guiding.


Tel:+27 79 490 5933


Mitchell-Innes, George

George Mitchell-Innes

  • Elandslaagte Battle

George Mitchell-Innes lives on his farm at Elandslaagte and from this base conducts guests on tours of the Elandslaagte battlefield and other sites in the Ladysmith area. He has an excellent collection of material relating to the battle of Elandslaagte.


Tel:+27(0)36 421 1860 / +27(0)82 734 3118


Mncube, Bryan

Bryan Mncube

  • Isandlwana, Rorkes Drift, Fugitives Drift

Bryan Mncube was brought up in Rorke’s Drift. Since his childhood, he has done a lot of travelling and working in Europe and in a number of other countries within Africa. He comes from a Marketing and Logistics background, but has always been passionate about South Africa’s remarkable history- in particular the history surrounding the Zulu War, and about sharing these amazing stories of human courage and endeavor with the world.

There are many powerful lessons that are to be extracted from these subjects. Bryan has learnt that the stories that he tells on the Battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift are not just stories about conflict; these are stories about human beings, and about compassion. For Bryan, being back home and telling his home stories, sharing this platform with the best lecturers in the field, and being part of keeping the legacy of David Rattray alive through the magic of the story, is an absolute honour.


Tel:034 271 8051 / 087 285 1172


Ntanzi, Mphiwa

Mphiwa Ntanzi

  • Isandlwana, Rorkes Drift, Fugitives Drift

His passion for the Anglo-Zulu war began at an early age after having been told the stories of both his Grandfather and Great Grandfather’s bravery fighting for the Zulu’s during the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift.

This has equipped him with unique accounts and knowledge of this part of South African history. He is part of the Fugitive’s Drift team.


Tel:034 271 8051 / 087 285 1172


Rattray, Douglas

Douglas Rattray

  • Anglo Zulu War Battles

From a very young age, Doug had an interest in all matters military; particularly the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. He certainly shared his late father’s enthusiasm for the rich history of our area. Doug is passionate about Fugitives’ Drift, having returned at the age of 24 after having completed his diploma in nature conservation.

Following in David’s footsteps, Doug embarked on his first UK tour in June 2019. During this tour, he gave several independent talks at various organisations, spoke at a large private event at Chelsea Old Town Hall, and was an invited guest to speak at the well-regarding Chalke Valley History Festival.


Tel:034 271 8051 / 087 285 1172



Pat Rundgren

  • Voortrekker, Zulu History and Culture, Anglo Zulu War, First and Second Anglo Boer War

Pat Rundgren has operated for many years as a registered military specialist guide in the Dundee area. Formerly in the Rhodesian Security Services, Pat is a collector of militaria and has just completed his second book. He regularly contributes articles to overseas military history and collectors magazines. He organises adventure tours, hikes, white water rafting, Zulu cultural and battlefields tours.


Tel:+27(0)34 212 4560 / +27(072) 803 2885