Majuba TVET College

Majuba TVET College has partnered with the Endumeni Municipality to establish a campus in Dundee. Dundee was identified as a high priority area due to the very high unemployment rate in the area. The Municipality has temporarily availed the ex-Commando buildings (formerly the Dundee Junior School) to the College to offer education and training.
Research was conducted to identify relevant, responsive courses that will enable the Dundee community to become economically active, with the intent of impacting positively on poverty alleviation, employability and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Previously, students from Dundee, Glencoe, Nquthu and other surrounding areas travelled to Newcastle to attend courses at Majuba TVET College. Further good news is that the utilization of the former Commando buildings comprises only the first phase of Majuba TVET College’s commitment to Endumeni. Dan Mabuyakhulu, Council Chairperson of Majuba TVET College, said that phase two, the building of a new Campus at the Mpati entrance to Dundee would soon be a reality. “Majuba TVET College is committed to developing communities and we cannot wait for this development.” He said that the College would continue to work closely with the Municipality to ensure maximum benefits for the entire area.

As part of the Umzinyathi Community Education Project, Endumeni Municipality has donated land to Majuba TVET College at the entrance of Dundee (i.e. the vacant land next to the Traffic Dept.) This land will be used to establish a major education and training complex to house the Dundee Technology Centre (DTC). A diverse range of programmes will eventually be offered.

Majuba TVET College is the catalyst that will galvanize the Endumeni district by enhancing employability of its people – thus creating entrepreneurial opportunities in the long road to poverty alleviation.

  •  Karellandman Street, Dundee (Next to Traffic Department)l
  • 034 212 5132