Aerial photo Talana Museum

The one NOT TO MISS is “Talana Live” held over the nearest weekend to the anniversary of the battle. Re-enactments of the battle take place this weekend together with a full program of history and heritage.

“Talana “ meaning “the shelf where precious items are stored” is a fitting name for this large and multifaceted museum, on the site of the first battle of the Anglo Boer War 1899-1902. A walking trail up Talana hill follows in the footsteps of the British soldiers who fought the battle up this hill on 20 October 1899. Boer forces on the top of the hill taught them a lesson they were to remember for the remainder of the war and into the Great War 14 years later.

Here we remember and respect our past, and the people who made it. Lonely monuments, a quiet cemetery and a magnificent museum in park-like grounds display our heritage for your education and enjoyment. Exhibits depict the conflict between Zulu, Boer and Brit; coal mining, glass and beadwork; original settler history and a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi.

The Great War 1914-1919 and the 1913 Satyagraha Movement place Dundee in the context of these events.

We offer research archives; conference venues; registered guides for tours of the museum and battlefields, quality locally produced items in the Museum Shop and delicious meals in the Miners’ Rest restaurant.

Boasting a unique collection of military memorabilia from the Anglo Zulu and Anglo Boer Wars, World War 1 & 11, Rhodesian and South West African Border Wars and more.

  •  Opposite the Dutch reformed Church on the corner of Beaconsfield and Willson Streets
  • Open every Friday from 5pm. Other times by appointment.
  • Pat Rundgren 072 8032885 facebook:patrundgren
In the historic courthouse Mahatma Ghandi was tried twice in 1908 & 1913 and sentenced to prison. This Museum in the Courthouse, where he was tried and sentenced showcases his life of trying times in South Africa. Keys to view the Ghandi Museum are available at the Dundee Tourism office.

If you are interested to book a tour, you can contact the Talana Museum @ 0342122654 or the Dundee Tourism office @ 0615939549.