Welcome to the city of Dundee, South Africa

Now you are wondering,

Dundee a city?

Surely not.

Yes we are, visit us and find out why.

Situated in the centre of northern KwaZulu-Natal, Dundee has long connections with coal mining, military conflict and a rich and varied history. Although coal mining is no longer as prominent as it once was, the history and scenery of the area provides a wealth of interesting activities for visitors.

The town is characterised by numerous historical buildings with historical connections that date back over 100 years. Named by Peter Smith in memory of his links with Scotland, the town and area still echoes a number of those links, borne out in the names of farms, villages and mountains. Today the area is noted for its agricultural industry, particularly dairy, beef and game ranching.

Tours specialising in the military history, Zulu culture, game viewing, “hunting, birding and fishing”, hiking and horse trails, are all on offer. This is where the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902 began and the Talana Museum, Heritage Park and Battlefield has superb exhibits on the battles of the area.

It is also the home to the Coal Mine Museums of South Africa, an exquisite glass collection, Peter Smith’s home and farm steading and much more.

Dundee is an excellent central base for visits to Rorkes Drift, Isandlwana, Fugitives Drift, Blood River/Ncome, Maria Ratschitz and a host of other interesting sites. The range of accommodation from backpacker to exclusive lodges caters for all.

Spend a couple of days in the area absorbing the atmosphere, rich traditions, culture and history that come alive with tales by local tour guides. Visit game lodges, stay on a game farm, enjoy superb meals and make new and long lasting friends.